Professor: Where is the line between what is homosexual and what is not? Is a circle jerk not gay? Oh, god. I’m sorry to anyone who doesn’t know what that is. –NYU Girl: It makes you look gay, and I don’t mean good gay. –The Gap, 17th St & 5th Ave Flamboyant man on cell: I got you the one that had an ‘L.V.’ on it… How am I supposed to know what that means? I’m not that kind of gay! –Grand St & Broadway Overheard by: callmedrpalmer TA: We can talk about boy sex, but we can’t talk about homosexuality. –Classroom, NYU Queer: Wait, how did you end up the gayest? Because I started out the gayest! –Time Square Overheard by: Tourist Who Blends Bimbette: No, Jesus was gay. That’s the only solution. –4 train Overheard by: solution to what?