Chick: I’m interested in what’s now — that’s why I live in Williamsburg. –Court & 3rd Pl Overheard by: imitation rastaman Hyper bus driver playing with overhead marquee while driving: I can set it to police bus, training bus… It’s like a microwave — what do you want? Corn? I like to change it to ‘Harlem.’ Then people get really confused. [Changes sign to ‘B6 Limited’ and comes up to bus stop. No one gets on bus.] What do you need, the B6? No? [Keeps driving.] –B4 bus, Sheepshead Bay Overheard by: tanechka Smart guy: There is no West Side. There’s only Zabar’s. –New York Palace Hotel Overheard by: Emily Hipster to another: You should totally move up to Harlem. It’s getting whiter. –Union Square Old lady to another: Yes, she’s still alive. She’s living all alone on the Upper East Side. Well, she doesn’t go out at all. You know she hates everyone, even Democrats. –22nd & 1st Frat boy with group of orange-tanned, fake-chested blondes: We gotta find me the Meatpacking District! –N 4th St & Bedford Ave