Man on cell: I had a great time last night… Yeah, I got home really late, too. I lost my scarf, but I gained a boa… [Louder] A boa… [Louder still] A boa… Black. –Q train over Manhattan Bridge Overheard by: Tyler Crazy hipster: I always suspected them of wearing coats! –L train Overheard by: brian Sabowski Chick: You know, if you lift your skirt up and the guy still doesn’t respond, maybe you should give up the ghost. –Marquee, 26th & 10th Dude: You know, it’s probably because the aluminum foil in your fedora is melting. –Gramercy Park Overheard by: i work with this Girl: I was, like, covered in beer. I didn’t even know where my skirt was. –6th St & 2nd Ave Dude on cell: … But when you’re sick, you don’t wear pants. –Red Cat, 10th Ave Tourist girl, excited: I just bought this 100 percent cashmere scarf for five bucks! I just gotta find out what kinda fabric it’s made out of. –Chinatown Overheard by: Jen & Paul