Biology professor to students: Now that you’ve got the basic structure, I’m going to bone you for a while. –NYU Overheard by: i’m in the hard class Conductor: Okay, folks, we’re actually running ahead of schedule. We’ll be stopping for approximately 40 minutes, so if you like you can get out and spread your legs. Spread your– stretch your legs… –Amtrak train into Penn Overheard by: KT Woman on cell: It’s from the car accident. I can’t really move my head, and he woke up stiff this morning, and that never happens. –5 train Overheard by: Hobo Whisperer Woman: Maggie has stopped eating. She’s just not putting as many things in her mouth as she used to. –Union Square market Girl on cell: Hey, Mom. Hold on a second, I’m gonna three-way Dad… Oh, wow, weird. –Jamaica Station Overheard by: Mike Guy on PA: Hey, Mark, could you do me a favor? Just put it in, please? Yeah, I need you to put it in right now. Thanks, Mark! –PATH Overheard by: Ferocious Russian