Chick: So, my friend called me yesterday and said, ‘I called you because I had diarrhea and it made me think of you.’ –Starbucks, 110th & Broadway Overheard by: Fudd Frustrated man: You call me back and I’ll tell you where the food is! –23rd & 6th Girl on cell with ex-boyfriend: Wait a second, I don’t get good service here. Let me go outside so I can yell at you. –Loehmann’s, 16th & 7th Yuppie dressed as hipster: Hey. Oh, sorry I didn’t call… So, yeah, I was in a kidnapping today… –Bleecker Bus driver over intercom: And to your right you will see a sleazy motel. If you notice any cars that look familar please give a quick call home. –Q46 bus