Exchange student: I was just telling him how to use a Post-it. –Columbia 20-ish male: Actually, global warming is only going to benefit New York City. –Columbia Overheard by: martina m. Chick: I am not eating somewhere with a misplaced apostrophe in its menu. –Columbia Overheard by: Ladle Young Columbia student: Yeah, so all of a sudden I was walking home drunk, in a diaper, with a huge scar. –1 train Columbia grad student: … And if you ask him he’ll say, ‘I’m making money for the school! I’m making money for the school! I do drugs! I do drugs!’ –1 train Student to another: As for the article, I don’t care about the truth of my argument. I care about people knowing how big my penis is. –Columbia Conductor: This is 116th Street, Columbia University. Good luck paying your tuition. –116th St Overheard by: Sam