Woman to friend: Hey, you know, this is where that lesbian touched my ass! –W 3rd Ave & 6th Ave Overheard by: Sakura Chick on cell: We’re, like, the best pseudo-lesbian couple who send out erotic postcards in the world. And you can quote me on that, missy! –Columbia University Overheard by: McFreaky Man wearing rainbow wig and playing a ukulele: This next song is dedicated to all the fathers out there who play with their children and take them places. To the fathers who don’t — the lesbians have a point. –In line for Statue of Liberty Overheard by: Stas Nine-year-old boy: I am a lesbian, I am a lesbian… –Central Park Girl showing necklace to friend: You’re a raging dyke! Would you wear this? –Canal & Church St Overheard by: NYCDoll