Woman on cell: Are you really surprised that Marcus turned out to be a serial killer? –Times Square Overheard by: shex College dude on cell: No, the entire male species is going to die, remember? –Times Square Overheard by: glad i’m a girl. Aviator-wearing rocker wannabe: Dude, seriously, think about it. Why aren’t there more serial killers?! –Union Square West at 16th St Guy: You know, I pray for the days when I find bodies… –Lorimer St & Metropolitan Ave Columbia newspaper reporter: Dude, you can’t just kill one person and be a serial killer. You have to work up to being a serial killer. –Columbia Spectator Office Overheard by: And you know from experience? Cashier to friend: Yeah, there’s this couple that comes in every week and rents serial killer movies. –Brooklyn Video Rental Store Overheard by: tiff Conductor: Thank you for riding MTA, and remember to smile. You’ll confuse the people who want to kill you! –L train Overheard by: Paige