CSR on phone: Yoko, I need someone to speak Chinese to a customer… What do you mean you only speak Japanese? Aren’t they the same? –Citibank, Rockefeller Plaza Blonde girl: Are we in a tunnel? –Tour bus, Lincoln Tunnel Overheard by: Adriane S Temp: Do they celebrate Thanksgiving in Europe? –Mailroom, PR firm HS girl: The directions say go West. So I guess that means go left. Does West always mean left? –1/9 train, 14th St Overheard by: LA Law Girl Girl on line for ice rink: Ummm, so, is it heated in there? –Outdoor skating rink, Bryant Park Overheard by: R&S NYU girl: What language do they speak in Russia? –Hayden Residence Hall, Washington Sq Scholar: Is the West Fourth Street on the East side or the West side? –6 train, 86th St