Dude: Man, I wish I had a doorknob. –34th & 8th Hustler on cell: I just wish you wasn’t being all one-track-mind-your-own-business about this. –Chinatown Hobo: Can anybody help a disabled Navy veteran get something to eat? If you help me buy a sandwich, you’ll get a 2007 Zagat for half price. [A suit gives him money but declines the Zagat.] Okay, but I really wish someone would buy the Zagat. –4 train Overheard by: Fagat Guy on cell: You just wish you were my baby’s mama! –Staten Island Ferry Overheard by: Elizabeth Hipster: … So he said, ‘I wish Jesus was alive now. I’d invite him to join MySpace.com and I’d force him to be my friend.’ –Q train crossing the East River Overheard by: Beth Smith