Old woman laughing for no apparent reason: We seem like we’re on something! –52nd & Broadway Overheard by: Bo Vanderpants Chick: He’s not a stalker, he’s just this old guy who follows me home. –Fried Dumpling Very old lady to another: Last time you fell down it cost 10 thousand dollars. –Central Park Teen guy to two pals: Think about an 80-year-old woman. How many dicks has she seen in her lifetime? A lot. –Ground Zero Old woman to car with right of way turning into intersection: Just keep driving, you fucking maniac! It’s fucking Christmas, you bastard! –54th & 3rd Overheard by: cordy Woman outside stall: I’m throwing my dad a birthday party because he’s turning 90 and he’s not dead yet. –Restroom, Jane restaurant, W Houston, between LaGuardia & Thompson Overheard by: Colleen! Old lady, about old guy with walker: We’ll be going to that funeral soon. –West Way Cafe Overheard by: EmilyPicard