Hobo to teen girl with red hands: Wow, your hands are so red. You must have a condition. Yeah, that’s what it must be, a condition. You know, I have a condition, too. I’m a werewolf. –4 train Girl: Jewish lesbians? Are you kidding me? They don’t exist. That’s like vampire cowboys. –16th St & Park Ave South Overheard by: C-Star 30-ish alternaguy: No, man, he was like a mer-wolf… You know, like a mermaid and a werewolf in one. –Spring & Lafayette Hot blonde: But we really are just male elves with long hair and boobs! –140th & Broadway Overheard by: Three-Headed Monster Dude on cell: Yeah and then she started whinnying in excitement right on top of me, like a fucking unicorn or some shit… Yeah, I guess it was pretty hot. –Fordham University Overheard by: Shane Small, excited Mexican child: Is it zombies? I know — it’s the Grim Reaper! –D train, 36th St atation Overheard by: Jon A.