Girl: Last time you told me something was overrated I got pregnant. –Sephora, Broadway Overheard by: linzz Guy: … So then she changed her middle name to something like "Afterbirth…" –Spring St Overheard by: boston bobby College guy on cell: He was like, ‘Shit, she’s got a bun in the oven!’ And I was like, ‘Oh, shit!’ –Columbia University Overheard by: roo Chick: She said he talked to her on the phone and that’s how he got her pregnant. –Barnes & Noble, Union Square Overheard by: Wondering how that works Preggers: I’m gonna across this street against the light, pregnant and all, and I’m not gonna have a miscarriage. –Eastern Pkwy & Classon Ave, Crown Heights, Brooklyn Employee to another: I only gained two pounds during my pregnancy, and I’m on my seventh month! –Burger King, 5th Ave, between 36th & 37th Overheard by: EE Grimshaw NYU girl on cell: … So then the doctor comes in and he goes, ‘Houston, we have a problem…" I know, right? What’s with doctors trying to be all funny when they’re telling you that you’re pregnant? –NYU bus Overheard by: tj