Queer on cell: Fiji water is so last year. –Christopher St Mad chick to man: And, you know, no, no! I am not going to IM you every time I’m drinking sangria! –Nolita House, E Houston Overheard by: amalthya Girl: Oh my god! They have this iced tea here that’s, like, hot. –Cosi’s, 13th & Broadway Conductor: Good evening, everybody, and welcome to the 3:50 a.m. whiskey whistle! Were they giving away booze in New York tonight? –LIRR, Penn Station Overheard by: I wasn’t Drunk Though Man: So, the officer said to me, ‘Ah, the old beer in a tube sock…’ –Judson Memorial Church, Washington Sq South Overheard by: mrbojangles NYU girl: Fruit punch is like fruit juice on ecstasy! –Midtown Overheard by: Ryan Hague Mom to two-year-old: We’re going home now, and Mommy’s going to make a big, fat cocktail. –Citibabes, Soho Overheard by: wish i had a big fat cocktail Female: I’m so thirsty I could almost drink water! –Across from former Forward building Overheard by: Avalanche