Irate lady with luggage: This is a filthy town! Horrible! –Penn Station Guy on cell: You opened a cadaver today? Oh, shit, man — congrats! That’s so cool… I changed a nasty dirty diaper today. –26th & 8th Mother to sobbing young son: Honey, you can’t pet a stranger’s mink. You just can’t. Especially with dirty hands — that’s why she was mad at you. –M3 bus, 45th & 5th Blonde on cell, wearing mink coat: I have a couture mink coat, and I will not have those low-lifes getting their crappy filth all over it! –Starbucks, Citigroup Center Woman hurrying small boy along: Yes, that wall is filthy, don’t touch it. Everything you can see in this city is dirty. –W 67th St Overheard by: Susan Volchok Asian man: Look, if you’re gonna stab me at least use the clean knife. –Applebee’s, 42nd St Overheard by: explosivo Woman on elliptical to woman on stationary bike: Justin made me take the subway today. I didn’t like it. I felt dirty. –Equinox, Soho Overheard by: jdm