Angry lady to boyfriend: They don’t pay my fucking rent! They don’t eat my fucking pussy! –E 9th & 5th Man on cell: It comes down to about seven dollars a blowjob. –59th & 5th Wheelbo, politely: Excuse me, does the bus stop here? [Ignored, so addresses next passerby politely] Pardon me, ma’am? Are you looking for a dick to suck? –42nd & Madison Overheard by: No, I am not. SVA photography teacher: You’d have a better time giving head to King Kong than using this method. –SVA, 21st & 3rd Overheard by: student Kid on cell: … So I said, ‘You can suck my dick for some of your spaghetti.’ –Outside hardware store, 102nd & Broadway Overheard by: Josh Dude: If I could’ve gone down on a donkey I would have done it. –W New York hotel, Union Square 17-year-old girl on cell: So, this girl was eating me out, right? [Pause] Oh, sorry, I have the wrong number. –Starbucks, Union Square West