Professor: When vassals would take an oath of loyalty they would kneel in front of the king and put their hands like this [puts hands in prayer position]. Now, what does this look like?
Student: A vagina?
Professor: No! Praying! It looks like praying! –Fordham University Overheard by: Marina C Headline by: belle Runners-Up: · “Either way, it helps to kneel.” – Lindsey · “From The Da Vinci Code’s deleted scenes.” – nick · “In a refreshing move from the anus, today’s headline contest is brought to you by the vagina. That’s right, Overheard in New York is wiping back-to-front.” – erak · “Now Get Your Cock Up In This” – B.M.D. · “Okay, maybe a LITTLE prayer in schools wouldn’t hurt” – space coyote · “Putting the Pussy on a Pedestal” – Clof
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