Man: Well, at least if you get deported you’d get to go somewhere exotic. If I get deported I go back to the Bronx… –Barnard College Conductor, as rap music blares through speakers: Yo, this is a shout-out to all my niggas keepin’ it real on the 1 train. Takin’ the 1 to the Bronx at four a.m. — that’s gangsta, son! –Bronx -bound 1 train Female employee: I’m so annoyed… so annoyed. This morning there was a dead body near the Bronx train station. It made me late for work. The train was sooo crowded. I hate that! I hate when we are all packed in the train like sardines! –Fox News Channel newsroom Chick: He’s either retarded… or from the Bronx. –Hell’s Kitchen Overheard by: mokee