College chick to three pals: Last night I had a dream about non-white people. –1 train Overheard by: MLK-what? Black boyfriend tying white girl’s shoe: Isn’t this racist? –65th & Broadway Bimbette: I can’t tell the difference between Chinese people, Japanese people, Koreans, and Asians. –Times Square Overheard by: me neither.. Black guy to another: So, what the Palestinians are sayin’ is how did the Jews leave black and come back white? –Columbia University Overheard by: FabAb Teacher: When you break down racial groups’ IQs statistically, different races are smarter than others. So, there’s no mystery here, blacks and Latinos are at the bottom, whites and Asians are on top. Well, actually, Asians score the highest so go ahead and feel proud of yourselves. –Bronx High School of Science Overheard by: LSB Professor: I use the word ‘race,’ but it’s just a code we use for ‘African American.’ –Silver Center, Washington Square