Kid: … And his balls were hanging out of his skirt! –Stuyvesant High School Drunk chick: Can I pleeease kick you in the balls? It’s my birthday! –Ave A Bimbette: So, balls are always — and, like, totally not in a sexual way — but balls are always hitting me in the face. –Line at Upright Citizens Brigade Street vendor to another: So, what if you were wearing shorts and you had one ball hangin’ out? –W 49th & Broadway Hot chick to another: So, I had him by the balls… –Washington Square Park Girl: No, no, don’t scratch your balls! [Screams.] –8 train Overheard by: Alex Actor: I look down and there’s this blue spot on my balls. It looked like I fucked a smurf. –Backstage, Strawberry One-Act Festival Overheard by: I hate it when that happens