Thug to tourist taking picture: Yeah, bitch, I’m in your picture! I’m in your picture! Put it on MySpace, bitch! –W 34th & 7th Overheard by: nisey79 Thug to friend: Nigga, it’s hard to explain… It looked… like a decorated cosine curve! –110th & Lenox Overheard by: Curly Ku Thugette to thug boyfriend: This ain’t Valentine’s Day. You slap me I’ll slap you back! –Bronx-bound D train Overheard by: Krissss Thug to his baby, after carrying her stroller down the subway steps: Woo-hah, I got you all in check. –6 train station, 59th St Overheard by: Jackie Thug: Shit. Jimmy Hoffa’s lucky he don’t gotta pay taxes. –Brooklyn-bound F train Overheard by: In debt on the F train Thug: That thang was so big you could put a whole paragraph on it! –6 train