Black guy: And in this movie, Leonardo DiCaprio was the most selfless guy ever — all he cared about was money. –Jackson Hole, 91st & Madison 20-something exasperated chick on cell: It’s a little something I call the hundred and fifty bucks I have to pay once a year! It’s a little something called my rent! –W 10th & Waverly Overheard by: I call it that too Geek: Have you ever pictured someone swimming in a pool of money? Do you know how much that would hurt? –54th & 10th Overheard by: Allisa Mom to little daughter picking up garbage: Don’t pick up stuff off the street… unless it’s money. –14th & 2nd Suit: … And they find him in Brussels with one million dollars in his suitcase. –Chambers & West Side Hwy Overheard by: Mike McG Conductor: Attention, passengers, the power for this line has shorted out. Track workers are coming down to reset the breaker. We should be delayed for 15 to 20 minutes. A buck fifty — you get what you pay for. –PATH train, stuck under the Hudson VP: I certainly don’t want you to think it’s all about money, because it’s not — it’s mostly about money. –Office, Park Ave South