Ghetto chick #1: They always tryin’ to fight with me! No matter what I do they always want to fight with me. Even they mother.
Ghetto chick #2: They mother? Ain’t she, like, 50 years old?
Ghetto chick #1: Or more. And she be comin’ out the house with hammers. She don’t play around. All of them fighting, and who go to jail for it? Me! Every weekend we fight, someone call the cops, and I go to jail. Every weekend. Just me. Because I’m on probation. I’m out on bail right now.
Ghetto chick #2: Uh-huh.
Ghetto chick #1: And I just don’t know when it’s gonna end. When is it gonna end? Someone’s gonna have to die — that’s all I know. One of these mothafuckah’s gonna have to die. –C train