Bartender: Every day you have someone who wants to put cheese in their coffee. We try to minimize that kind of thing from happening here. –Carmine’s, W 44th & 8th Overheard by: Michele Guy on cell: Yeah, I’m in one of those pretentious coffee shops… Getting coffee… Yeah, one of the ones where everyone looks like me — beard, glasses… Right. –Gimme Coffee, Brooklyn Overheard by: mthy Three-year-old in stroller: Coffee! Coffee! –C train, 96th St Overheard by: Emily Woman to dog: Daddy likes his coffee hot. And Mommy likes her coffee iced. And you like your coffee in the form of caffeine pills, which you snarfed like candy last night. My god, you were high as a kite. –Outside Starbucks, Montague St, Brooklyn Barista: She better not’ve asked me for no chocolate drizzle or I’da kicked her ass! –Starbucks, Grand Central Overheard by: Greg Well-dressed crazy guy to whole train: And I said to her, you the coffee and I’m the biscotti… Why? Because you’re black and hot… and I’m hard and a little nutty. –A train Queer to another: Isn’t there a better Starbucks we should be going to? –Starbucks, 14th near 6th