Suit on cell: Like, she’s not a masseuse and she’s not a stripper, you know what I mean? I want her to be, but she’s not… I can always go to a masseuse parlor or a strip club, you know what I mean? –110th, between Broadway & Amsterdam Hobo: Anyone got some change? Or some food? Anyone? Does anyone have anything they want to help me out with? I’m jobless and times are hard… Damn, I knew I should’ve been a stripper, but I’m just not that kind of guy, you know? –Fulton-bound A train Flash Dancers employee handing out flyers: Hey, you like girls? You like girls? No? You like guys? We got guys… [whispers] but you gotta go in the back door. –Outside Flash Dancers, 52nd & Broadway Overheard by: not going in any door Flyer dude: Female strippers! With STDs! –48th & 7th Dude on cell: I was a male stripper for the two years I was a youth pastor. –N train Lady passenger to cabbie: I teach kindergarteners and I strip! –12th & 3rd Overheard by: Matty K