Teacher to student: Want to come into my office and smell my computer? –Room B-436, FIT Overheard by: ivy270 Conductor: We apologize to our patrons for the stale bread smell that passengers from our connecting train brought with them. We will be distributing pine fresheners to out patrons shortly. –LIRR to Penn Station College chick: My vagina smells like buttered popcorn. –Starbucks, 7th Ave S Dude on cell: Wow, I almost feel like I can smell you… Or maybe I’m just really, really hungry. –Canal & Lafayette Overheard by: Cameron Woman whispers to man next to her: Alright, now come smell my vagina in the bathroom. –Metro-North train Overheard by: Deb Teen thug to thugette: Man, this train smells like three kinds of ass! –F train Overheard by: Mike Hobo to two bitchy JAPs: You think I stink now? Just wait — I’m about to take my shoes off. –A train