Girl: I never get into empty cars anymore. Last time I did there was a dead guy laying there, and I was stuck with that smell in my nose all day. –Subway platform, South Ferry Overheard by: annikee Man to wife: What, you want to keep riding the train back and forth? I did that shit once. It was the most boring experience of my entire life! –Grand Central Overheard by: soixantedeux Chick after V train passes through the station: There’s a runaway V train and people are still on it! –C/E platform, 23rd St Girl: Whenever I’m on the subway all I can think about is sex! –NYU Overheard by: ana Announcer: There is a Bronx-bound one train approaching 34th Street. –14th St station Overheard by: Glad to know where the train I missed is Mom to small child: Do you know if the trains are running express today, or will we have to take the local all the way down? –W 93rd St Tourist girl: Waaait… Is this the bus? –E train, Queens Overheard by: MegMC