Drunk female vocalist after set: Dude… Evolution… That’s, like, the theory we come from plants and shit. –Blue Note Jazz Club Overheard by: Bailey Drunken derelict, burping loudly: Give it a second and it’ll come out the other side! –6th Ave & Waverly Pl Drunk man: I mean, it’s ironic when you think about it. Lou Gehrig winds up dying of Lou Gehrig’s disease. Then, Dr. Atkins dies of Atkins. Think about it. –Bar, 46th St Drunk bum: I’m not a bum — I’m an international bill inspector. My boss sent me here to inspect your bills. Who wants to give me a hundred dollars? –Crowded 6 train Overheard by: Stephanie Drunk girl: I’m not drunk yet. I can still feel my lips! –Blagio, Queens Overheard by: Kim Belligerent wino: I am the government! –Caton Ave, Brooklyn