Trader: Yeah, so after I first called him I accidentally sent him a hardcore porn email, and he got such a kick out of it he sent me a hundred and fifty thousand share order. –42nd & Madison Overheard by: So that’s how he makes so much money Chick : Well, I got that thing on Facebook for his funeral, so I’ll be there Monday… –NJ Transit train to Penn Station Overheard by: Jingles Kid on cell: Okay, now attach the file to the email… The file name is, um, ‘Beautiful black booties.’ What? Come on, I really need this for my oral presentation. –Yeshiva University High School Overheard by: Ellen DeGenerate Hipster on cell: I am so MySpace mad at you. –10th & Bedford Overheard by: Mandy Girl: Friending him on Facebook is not an indication that you want to get in his pants! –L train Overheard by: michelle c Skinny tween boy: My mom told me to be careful of stalkers on MySpace. Then, as soon as I signed up, I already had one friend — he was this guy named Tom — just smiling at me. I thought, ‘Man, how did the stalker find me so fast?!’ –1 train 30-something dude to another: So, lately I’ve been really into Googling existential questions… –E 3rd & Bowery Overheard by: alyosha