Teacher: Now, this section is about– [walks over to the board, writes ‘Sex’ in large letters, underlining it repeatedly]. This ought to get your attention. –Brooklyn Tech High Overheard by: Liz Sex-ed teacher: Some douches are vinegar solutions. That doesn’t mean I want you to go home, get some vinegar and make a douche of yourself. –Hunter College High Overheard by: Kevoo Professor, as projector screen falls down: Looks like I need some Viagra. –NYU Silver Center Lady professor: The naked female body is the most beautiful thing a person can see — even more so than the male body… At least, that’s what I’ve gathered from my personal experience. –NYU Silver Center Teacher, about The Odyssey: It keeps saying, ‘Rosy-fingered dawn, rosy-fingered dawn.’ Why does dawn keep coming?! –LaGuardia High