Father to son: Join the Army, get a Frisbee! –72nd & Broadway Overheard by: Suzie Girl on cell: Wait, what’s his name? Jihad? –8th & University Pl Marine to cute girl: I’d pay to have sex with you. –Times Square Overheard by: joe osmundson Music teacher: So, you’re getting you hair cut, and you keep going, and… And next thing you know you’re in the Army. Wait, that was a bad analogy. I’ll think of a better one, don’t worry. –Bronx High School of Science Overheard by: LSB Crazy guy: You’re so beautiful. Why don’t you stop the war? If you’re so beautiful, why don’t you stop the war? –F train Overheard by: Just going home Hipster: Ryan* is so not married! He’s got some military job that, like, forbades him to be married! –Tribeca