Teen girl: Yeah, Rent isn’t my life or anything. It’s just, I have nothing else to do when I get my paycheck, y’know? –Nederlander Theatre Man recapping Cavalleria Rusticana on cell: Yes, and then this guy came on stage singing about his horses. Man, was he a twat! –Metropolitan Opera House Overheard by: amalthya Dude: Katie is always saying stuff like, ‘If you shoot for the moon and miss you will still be part of the stars,’ or some shit like that. I just tell her, ‘Enough of your success-ories! You are too musical theater for me. You even do jazz hands all the time!’ –N 10th & Bedford Ave Spoiled nine-year-old wearing Seven jeans: My favorite part was when Kevin Kline took off his pants! —King Lear, public theater Tourist girl to friend, looking at hall of fame pictures on wall: Leo-nard… Bern-stein… Oh, that’s the guy who wrote The Berenstain Bears. –Gershwin Theatre Overheard by: edwardDB Lady, after Spring Awakening: All I got from that was, ‘Don’t have sex with a cute boy or you’ll die.’ –Eugene O’Neill Theatre Overheard by: Elizabeth