Asian hipster girl to another: I can’t break up with him while he’s unconscious. I’ll go back later tonight when he’s conscious and break up with him then. –Manhattan-bound F train 10-year-old boy: Man, she is so fucking needy. She keeps wanting to play, like, Truth or Dare to find out stuff about me. And I don’t… I don’t like it! –E train Overheard by: Carolyn Chick on cell: Yeah, but he made some valid points. Like how I’m a sucky girlfriend. –59th & Madison Overheard by: Julie Straight-ish queer: I’m really afraid that a girl will fall head over heels for me and I will end up breaking her heart… Because, you know, I’m really good at giving back massages and fucking up against walls, and those are things girls look for, you know? –Studio B, Brooklyn Overheard by: Tom Girl on cell: Look, just because you had a seizure on our first date doesn’t mean I don’t want to go out with you again! –Budget Car Rental, E 43rd