Hipster girl: Of course they do! Of course they feel pain! What are you, stupid? Of course fish feel pain! I feel bad for them! [Eats her bacon and eggs.] –Igloo Café, Astoria Overheard by: s h Guy waiting for yoga class to start: It was such a sacred moment. I was like, ‘Thank you, brother fish, for feeding me.’ –Om Yoga Musician: You should come hear us tomorrow. We’ve got a new song with the rousing lyrics, ‘Take that trout and throw it out…’ –Café 212, Columbia University Overheard by: Prefers to keep the trout 20-something chick: They have, like, the best fish ever! Awesome catfish! I didn’t have fish, though. I had tuna. –Chinatown Man: Trout on a waffle! –Jane Restaurant, W Houston St Overheard by: Thompson