Cop to old lady with walker: Excuse me, miss, do you have a license and insurance for that thing? –57th St Overheard by: jesse Black teen to fellow commuter: So, I get off the train and I find this cop. He says to me, ‘Do I know you?’ ‘No, man.’ Then he asks, ‘Haven’t I arrested you before?’ And I say, ‘Nigga, please! No!’ –E train near W 4th St Mounted police officer holding a pay phone and sobbing: Please, Mom, I’ll do anything! –8th & 5th Overheard by: jewish girl Professor, about police sirens blaring outside: They’re playing our song. –Columbia University Large black lady hissing about a police dog sniffing and following black guy: That dog be racial profilin’! He’s a racist! That cop dog’s a racist! –Subway station, Times Square Chick to cop writing ticket, standing next to the naked cowboy: Can you give him a ticket for having a bubble butt? –Times Square Overheard by: knipc