Girl: I shaved everything off down there, and I’ve never felt so accessible! –A train Blonde on cell: What’s aftershave? Is that the thing you put on after you shave? –The Body Shop, 8th & Broadway Overheard by: Jack Rittymanee Woman on cell: Yeah, all you do is wear cheap panties and don’t shave. –Garfield & 7th Ave, Park Slope Greasy man: Fuck, I have to go shave my balls now! –23rd & 5th NYU student to girlfriend: You know, it’s kind of like when you shave your butt. –F train, between York St & E Broadway Overheard by: j. asner Ghetto lady to guy: I never shave my legs unless I’m tryin’ to make a statement or somethin’. I mean, that’s some serious shit. –Broadway & LaSalle Overheard by: nekko-chan Punk rocker with crazy pink hair: And, I mean, she was good-looking and all, but I was like, ‘What the hell do you think I want a bunch of pictures of girls shaving their pussies for?! I don’t want that shit!’ –JMZ train, Myrtle stop Overheard by: Don’t forward them to me!