Hispanic lady to female friend: I coulda had kids! I coulda had a husband! I coulda had a house of my own! But you know what? You made me hate men! –Delancey & Essex Suit: If you are a drug dealer, be the drug dealer. That’s why I hate New York. In LA at least the drug dealers show up when you call them. –Library Bar, Ave A Overheard by: ljw Little kid: Ughhh! I hate this universe! –Neptune Diner, Astoria, Queens Overheard by: Matthias Sundberg Chick: He was going back to Germany and he felt like it was destiny that we met. I told him, ‘I met you once, and I hate Frank Sinatra.’ –Trash Bar, Brooklyn Overheard by: katez Chick: Don’t you just hate it when people eavesdrop on your conversation? –O’Neals’ Restaurant, Lincoln Center Overheard by: Tess