Teacher: Class, let’s get a show of hands — how many of you aren’t loved by your parents? C’mon, someone must be lying here. –LaGuardia High Overheard by: mf Man: This yogurt’s great. My cat loves it — makes him poop like a reindeer. –Grocery store, 45th & Ditmars Overheard by: Bob Going Professor: I love mass law breaking. We should break social contract and go on a class trip to a bar so that I can get my dumb ass fired. –NYU Silver Center Lady on cell: He only backs out because he loves you. –34th & Broadway Hobo to bag lady: I love ya. Of course I love ya. You want me to fuck ya? I’ll fuck ya right now. –30th & 7th Aussie babe watching crying model dressed as a man on Top Model: I love it when they’re upset and dressed up in funny costumes! –Berry & N 1st, Williamsburg Girl: I’m not mean! I love everyone. I don’t like everyone… It’s a Christian thing. –Palladium dorm, NYU