Drunk British chick: She clucked and mooed, so I said twelve. –Red Hook, Brooklyn Overheard by: Sam Jerman Guy on cell: Did you know that one out of six people with scoliosis die every day? Yeah, I know… Ha! No, I’m just kidding. I made that up. –Astor & Lafayette Overheard by: Jay Dude to chick: On a scale from one to cookie… you’re a seven. –Central Park Loud lady: I mean, how many times did I have my head between Greg’s legs? Only 12 or 13 times! Not that many times. –Eugene O’Neill Theatre Overheard by: tmoney Black teen to his friends: Yo, I read the Bible nine times, and that shit contradicted itself like a motherfucker! –Broadway & Steinway, Astoria