Teen: When I was young and fat I used to dream about scooping out my fat with a teaspoon. I was a deeply disturbed child. –C train Hobo: I had a wife! She was 389 pounds and had three stomachs. Now, I know a man never runs from his wife, but after a night with her — call me what you want — but I ran. –C train Little girl: All ugly and fat people should be banned from the train. –4 train Hipster: Have you ever seen a fat girl in spandex on weed? –Union Square Chubby teen chick: Bacon and soda, that’s my fucking bread and butter! –14th & 1st Overheard by: Bread and butter, that’s my fucking bread and butter Fat lady eating pizza: Well, you know, I figured this was just as good as a salad… –JFK Overheard by: Wondering