Police car megaphone: Attention: The driver of the minivan is terrible. –Ludlow & Stanton Girl on phone: Now, drive safe and don’t drop the soap! –NYU Kimmel Center, Washington Square South Young boy: Man, I’m as tired as a used car salesman. –JFK Overheard by: DFlan Man on cell: So, are you saying you crashed the car into the camel or the camel into the car? –27th & 7th Tall guy: … And he would not get out of my trunk! And we was on our way to the game! I was like, ‘Son, close that door. Respect the Hyundai!’ –Penn Station Overheard by: Micaela Chick: … And I said to him, ‘After this presentation I want to go to the hospital, because I got hit by a car.’ And he said, ‘Oh, yeah? You look kind of skanky. You should go now.’ –Court & Schermerhorn St JAP on phone: A woman lives in my dashboard! In my car! A woman lives in my dashboard! –NYU