Bus driver: This bus is making all the same stops as the subway. This bus is the train! This bus is the train! Choo-choo! –Bus running as the 7 train Bus driver: Step on in. Step on in. Tropical palm trees in the back. –Q101 bus, 59th & 2nd Overheard by: marerod Bus driver, about blonde cop crossing street: Christie Brinkley there is looking to lock someone up so she can make detective next week. –B75 bus, Brooklyn Bus driver: Everybody sliiide to the left… Sliiide to the right… One hop this time! –B44 bus Overheard by: steph Ballin’ driver: Dem tips are not just for the ride, they fo’ the looks. Much love! –LaGuardia shuttle bus Overheard by: Alex Bus driver: Utopia! –Q46 bus Bus driver: Attention ladies and gentlemen, the next stop is Fifth Avenue. Please have your passports ready for inspection. –79th St Crosstown Bus