Thug: Anybody who grew up where I grew up knows there’s a million things you can do with a mothafuckin’ grape! –23rd & 7th Chick: Hey, plenty of people are murdered with vibrating bananas. –Columbia University Overheard by: Ein Ladle JAP: What happens if you actually eat a whole grapefruit? –Whole Foods, Union Square Overheard by: You’ll get FAT! Suit: I’m totally unimpressed by cantaloupe as a fruit. It’s just taking the easy way out. –Sotto Voce, Park Slope Overheard by: Sweet Jimmy Lady: I feel like I’m living in a banana. –75th & Madison Conductor: The E train to Queens — that’s E as in ‘apple’ — is running regularly. –A train, 14th St Teen girl to third graders: You was teachin’ ’em a banana looked like a dick! –19th & 4th, Brooklyn