Teen girl: And then it was like Mister T was there in the corner stroking his two foot cock! –Bronx-bound 1 train Conductor: The next stop is my dick. –Bronx-bound 1 train Overheard by: Nicole Girl: I’ve seen one penis, like, a thousand times. –St. Mark’s Pl, between 1st & 2nd Lady: He’s got quite an impressive member. I was in a club when he unfurled it. I tripped on it. Never wearing those shoes again. –Starbucks, Park Ave Tourist mom to kids, pointing to Greek sculpture sans penis: Look at this one — he has testicles… but where’s his gizmo? –The Met Skinny queer, dancing: Man, dick is so hard to find here. –The Cock, 2nd & 2nd Overheard by: unfound dick