Girl #1: I’m not going with you.
Girl #2: Why not?
Girl #1: I have to go home and cook for lesbians.
Girl #2: Oh, your mom? –Times Square Overheard by: From now on this is my excuse for everything Headline by: Mandi Runners-Up: · “But Don’t They Usually Eat Out?” – Hobo Whisperer · “I Think I’ll Make Dyke L’Orange” – Peter · “If I dont do it, dad will do it, and she’s a lousy cook.” – Extra Character · “Ohhhh Pllllllease…. She licked your pussy once… ONCE!” – Mike Chmiel · “Pass the Cunnilinguini” – I’m not gross in real life · “They’d be happy with a box lunch” – Flem
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