Guy on cell: I eat ass like a champion. –Havemeyer & S 1st St, Williamsburg Overheard by: EA Scary old guy to pretty woman: Oooh, girl, you look so fine. Tell your husband I want to bite your kneecaps off. –West Village Lady on cell: Yeah, I’m really hungry, too. I could really eat some nice wallpaper right about now. –83rd & Amsterdam Overheard by: Debbie Woman: I’d rather eat homeless person’s cum than ever eat plain yogurt again. –Clinton & Stanton Creepy guy: Let me put it this way: I might not be compelled to eat a puppy, but I just might eat a baby. There’s just something unattractive about them. –Bus to Penn Station Mother to screaming child: If you don’t stop crying I am going to eat you! –100th & Broadway Overheard by: briana Bouncer to girl showing ID: You’re so beautiful. I wanna put you on a pedestal… and eat your ass. –West Village Overheard by: RBNY