Announcer before start of women’s race: Women, please be careful of men trying to go in from behind. –Central Park Overheard by: Omar Man: Wow, this is the most nuts I’ve ever had in my mouth at one time! –Chocolate shop, Jane St & 8th Ave Chick pointing at T-Rex: Oh my god, it’s so big! Don’t you wanna just ride it? –Museum of Natural History Conductor: Sorry, folks. Looks like I’m having some trouble in my rear. –C train Overheard by: mosteen. MTA employee: Don’t just stick it in… No, you have to ease it in and glide it through. –A/C/E subway entrance, 44th St Overheard by: Patrick Mom to hubby holding sunscreen: Honey, did you lube up the kids? –Central Park, near 96th St tennis courts Lady to lesbian coworker: I wish somebody would warm up my muffin. –1250 Broadway