Saucy Latina: I don’t want to get a bikini wax if it won’t be sexual. –Dallas BBQ, Times Square Overheard by: Ladle Exasperated Latina: She makes me sin on freakin’ Ash Wednesday! –42nd St. 4 station Overheard by: Harriet Vane Latina on cell: Hey, just calling to say hi… And tell you I’m never gonna see you again. Okay, bye! –24th & 7th Whiny Latina: I don’t want to sweat today — I can’t mess up my hair! –New York Sports Club, Astoria Overheard by: MissPinkKate Loud Latina: He woke up and pissed in a bottle. I was like, ‘The bathroom’s right there! Why you gotta piss in a 40 bottle?’ –3 train Overheard by: EthanK Sassy Latina on cell: Well, you can just call your parents and tell them you’re a pig and need more than one woman and that’s why we aren’t getting married! –Near Steinway St, Queens Overheard by: ADC Latino thug: That’s what we do. That’s what we do when we hangin’ out with a girl: smoke a blunt, watch a movie, and then we fuck. That’s what we do. All my niggas, that’s what we do! –Ft Greene Overheard by: Andrew