Hipster girl to hipster guy: … And it’s like, he cums on me and it’s like it doesn’t even mean anything! –L train platform, Union Square Overheard by: Ht-hrw Hipster: You know, ‘bedbugs’ is just a classy name for crabs. –7th & Ave A Hipster: I better not be a virgin by the time I get home. –14th St & Union Square South Overheard by: Almost Tourist Hipster girl: So, I took ecstasy yesterday, and I was playing a lot of flute. –Outside The Slaughtered Lamb Overheard by: bonzo Hipster girl to friends: My mother thought I was a virgin until I told her that I’d had an abortion. –120th & Amsterdam Hipster: Well, I can’t help it if their tits shrivel up into tiny raisins! –Montrose stop Overheard by: big baby Hipster chick: So, all my guy friends are really into her! There’s just something about her that really turns guys on, and it’s not just because she’s blind. –Columbus Circle