Beefy Italian guy on cell: He’s got an equal opportunity to go fuck himself! –3rd St & Ave A Overheard by: Liz A. Italian chick: My brother got so many velours — he got more velours than the stores! –Staten Island Ferry Cranky Italian: No, no, no! That’s my problem with this city! They never give you a full glass of wine! –Midtown Italian guy to four friends: No. Fuck you, motherfucker! I used it in a sentence — you define it! –Spring & Mott Overheard by: Douglas A. Cheesman II Italian hardhat: Yo, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I found a girl with a little class, a little self-respect, that she’s not banging me two days after she knows me. I’m sorry if that upsets you. –75th & Madison Overheard by: Anne Italian mobster, after turning down wrong aisle: Oh, sugar! –Duane Reade, Fulton St Overheard by: tj